10 Harsh Truths About Association Websites

10 Harsh Truths About Association Websites

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Anthony Zinni
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Anthony Zinni

Today I read a great article on Smashing Magazine called “10 Harsh Truths About Corporate Websites” by Paul Boag who is best known for this web design podcast boagworld. Paul discusses 10 things that corporate websites tend to do wrong, and from our experience here at AssociaDirect we can confirm that they are no less true of associations. Because his audience on Smashing Magazine is comprised of other designers who already “get it” I felt it was necessary to share it with the people this knowledge would benefit the most, the clients.

Below is the list with emphasis added to the items we find the most relevant to associations. For the rationalization behind each of the 10 truths, please read the original article.

  1. You Need A Separate Web Division
  2. Managing Your Website Is A Full-Time Job
  3. Periodic Redesign Is Not Enough
  4. Your Website Cannot Appeal To Everyone
  5. You Are Wasting Money On Social Networking
  6. Your Website Is Not All About You
  7. You’re Not Getting Value From Your Web Team
  8. Design By Committee Brings Death
  9. A CMS Is Not A Silver Bullet
  10. You Have Too Much Content
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