How This Non-Profit Funded Their Initiative by Handing Over The Naming Rights

When I was Executive Director at the Urban Sustainability Authority, a 501 c 3 organization, we developed a strategy that gave a private material disposal company the naming rights to an art show featuring works of aspiring young artists in the community.


In exchange, the company handled underwriting the event, which provided personal protective equipment, art supplies, disposal of excess waste and a facility for our artists to work.

In addition, 20 local businesses provided marketing and promotional support by displaying the artwork at their respective locations.

The event gave the board and I an opportunity to further tell the story of how the art created by these young artists was in reality research as well as a clean-up effort for the community.

Urban Sustain received donations, sold tickets to the art show and received bids on several works of art prior to the show.

The stores that participated were recognized at the event as environmental champions, which created a synergy between the businesses.

Shortly after the event, the participating businesses created a coalition to improve environmental consciousness.

The event exceeded financial goals and evolved into an annual program, event and revenue stream for the organization.

Exposure of this powerful, positive story cultivated significant interest in the community which helped expand sponsorship opportunities to the growing number of companies who wanted to get involved and attach their names to this positive force within the community.

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 8.51.10 PM.png

If you’re struggling to find funding for initiatives your organization is excited about, it may be worthwhile to reach out to potential sponsors and find a partner who sees the value in providing the financial support in exchange for the attention and credit that comes with making a positive impact.

Michael Faye