9 Ways To Grow Your Association In 2019

We hope the year 2019 is filled with an incredible amount of success and growth for your association. To help make that more achievable for you, we’ve put together 9 easy ways you can grow your association in the new year.

  1. Reevaluate and revitalize your associations marketing plan.  If that seems like a daunting task, don’t worry! We’ve put together a blog post that walks you through the process. Take a look at it here (link to post)

  2. Create events that keep current and potential members engaged. Feature notable speakers and thought-provoking topics that people are genuinely interested in.

  3. Check in with existing members. Get feedback on their experience with the association and take reasonable action where necessary. Continually improving your member’s experience not only leads to retention but it also leads to growth as members will encourage their colleagues to join the association.

  4. Run limited time promotions. Decrease membership cost during specific times to attract more members.

  5. Create and optimize a referral program. When you reward members for attracting new members with gifts or discounted services, they’re significantly more likely to do some recruiting for you.

  6. Be aggressive with renewals. Consistently follow up with members when it’s time for them to renew as many members easily forget to renew or are quick to put it off. The more aggressive you are with renewals, the more likely your members are to stick around.

  7. Utilize social media to provide engaging content to existing and potential members. When you create content that people want to like, share and interact with, you get more views and ultimately more opportunities for growth.

  8. Review the process of becoming a member and make sure it’s as simple as possible. The fewer barriers that exist in the sign-up process of becoming a member, the more likely you are to get more members.

  9. Offer different levels of membership. While many members want to have as many benefits as possible from your association, some may not be interested in attending conferences or other events. Creating a membership option that costs less but also has fewer benefits is a great opportunity for growth.

Michael Faye