New Year. New Association Marketing Plan.

A new year is a whole new opportunity to start fresh. It’s a period where we evaluate what’s been working and what hasn’t. We naturally have a desire to optimize and evolve in our personal lives, but it’s crucial that we apply that same strategy to marketing. Just like you set New Years resolutions for your life, we’ve put together a few easy steps to help you revitalize your marketing plan in 2019.

1. Situational Analysis

Create an easily digestible snapshot that accurately portrays the current state of your business.  Review your products, goods, services and the various ways in which your association differentiates itself within the marketplace. This will help you fully gauge where your association is, so you can then determine where you’d like to take it in the new year.

2. Know Your Target Audience

Get specific and fully describe your target audience. Create a personality profile for them. Gather as much demographic and psychographic data as you can and allow that to inform the profiles you construct. The more accurately you understand your target audience, the more successfully you can market to them.


3. Strategic Goal Setting

Determine what you want your marketing plan to achieve. Set measurable goals that you can realistically accomplish.  

4. Develop Tactics & Communications

You’ve done the groundwork. You’ve identified the state of your association, delved into the inner workings of your target audience and set goals. Now it’s time to determine how you’ll achieve those goals. Start by reviewing your current marketing tactics and identify your ideal marketing mix. Use research to better understand what marketing channels your audience interacts with the most. In order to successfully reach your audience, you must market to them through the most relevant media sources, so they will be more receptive to your message.  

5. Create A Budget

Set a budget that will allow you to impactfully execute your marketing plan in the most cost conscious, efficient way possible. Consistently evaluate the ROI (return on investment) throughout your marketing mix and use your findings to optimize your media strategy.