10 Ways To Increase Productivity In The Workplace

The success of your association is directly related to several key factors surrounding performance. Most notably, the consistency of productivity levels has the power to drastically influence your association either positively or negatively. As with any habit that is exercised in a day-to-day regimen, we have the ability to develop and strengthen traits that are constructive, like productivity. In an effort to help you progress your personal productivity levels, we’ve gathered ten highly effective strategies that have the ability to make you more efficient, organized and productive.


1. Start Big

Start each day by completing your most crucial task first. It may not sound fun, but initially getting the least pleasant task out of the way relives stress, boosts moral and makes the rest of your day feel easier, all increasing your productivity levels.

2. One Thing At A Time

Multitasking has been proven to reduce work quality and seriously impede productivity. To help maintain your focus and reduce stress levels all while being more efficient, complete one task at a time.

3. Take Breaks

Believe it or not, working a little bit less can actually help you accomplish more. Take short, planned breaks throughout the day to help keep your mind sharp and to keep your performance effective.

4. Cash In On Downtime

Your daily commute is a great opportunity to prepare for your day and get ahead of tasks rather than perusing social media.

5. Exercise

Keeping your mind healthy starts with keeping your body healthy. To keep your energy levels up and your mind sharp, exercise regularly or simply go for a walk throughout the day.

6. Decorate

Believe it or not, research suggests that working in an environment you find aesthetically pleasing can significantly increase productivity levels. Add some of your own personal style to your workspace to create a space you feel good about being in.

7. Turn Off Your Phone

When it comes to personal notifications, social media alerts and other unnecessary distractions, do everything in your power to eliminate them while you work.

8. Time Yourself

Research shows that working in 90-minte intervals keeps you focused without getting fatigued. Set a timer for an hour and a half and dedicate that time solely to accomplishing tasks until the timer has gone off.

9. Know What Works For You

Work with yourself, not against yourself by working around the schedule that fits you best. If you’re a morning person and it’s easy for you to knock out tasks early in the day then go with it. If you’re a night owl who is most productive at night, then allow yourself to work a bit more at night. When your schedule allows, be flexible based on your own preferences.

10. Stay Positive

There’s an incredible amount of research suggesting that those who maintain a positive attitude have higher levels of productivity. Keep an optimistic attitude and you’ll have more energy, you’ll have a clear head that will allow you identify solutions more quickly and you’ll get more done.

Michael Faye