4 Essential Tips That Keep Your Members Engaged

It’s 2019, and that means an overwhelming amount of information is thrown at us every single day.  With the average person being exposed to 5,000 advertisements in any given 24-hour period, it’s more crucial than ever that associations know exactly how to keep their members engaged. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry. We gathered a list of the top 4 essential tips you need to know.

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  1. Be More Personal - There’s nothing that sounds sweeter than the sound of one’s own voice. In a fairly impersonal world, personalizing your member’s experience can make a tremendous difference. Use your member’s first name as much as possible and serve them content that is specific to their interests. Giving your members a more personalized experience will keep your association at the top of their list.

  2. Show Your Appreciation - Of course members who feel valued are more likely to engage with your association. This is common sense, yet the number of associations who take advantage of this is surprisingly low. Go the extra mile to thank your members for their time and their membership. A simple thank you email, or piece of mail can reinforce your appreciation for a member and, in turn, keep them engaged with your association.

  3. Be Valuable - The more valuable you can be to your members, the more they are going to stay engaged with your association. Not only will giving your members content that fits their interests keep them captivated but offering value will make you significantly stand out. Share useful career advice, key industry insights and even potential job postings. The more useful your association becomes, the more members won’t want to be without you.

  4. Make Connection Easier - Utilize the latest technology to help you more effortlessly connect with you members. Whether it’s an online dashboard or a mobile app, the easier you make it to communicate with members, the more likely members are to continuously communicate with you.  

Michael Faye