10 Social Media Ideas to Engage Members


It isn’t news that an association’s social media presence is vital. Sharing tips from your association’s expertise and revealing the latest and greatest in the industry are ways you can engage your members and keep them thinking about your association and all of the benefits it offers. Focus on some thought-provoking posts that will prompt responses. Alternatively, your posts don’t always have to be about the industry or center around association events. Post off-topic ideas, images, and comments to entice engagement. Have some fun with it!

Here are some tips and ideas to improve your social media campaign.

  1. Highlight a member of the month. Include a picture and what he or she specializes in. Interviewing the member and providing the question and answer article also is a great way to show interpersonal relationships within the organization.

  2. Stay away from controversial topics. The last thing you want happening on your social media platform is a debate that could become offensive.

  3. Once a week, post a fact about the association. This could include something historical, such as when it was founded. Or you can highlight a person on staff, enabling members to learn more about the organization’s home office inner workings.

  4. Post photos, such as beautiful destinations that could be locations for the upcoming conferences and meetings.

  5. Conduct a poll—industry related or not. Favorite foods, for example, is a fun poll.

  6. Find or create fun memes that will relate to your association. What member wouldn’t love a good chuckle?

  7. Change the cover and/or profile photo often to keep your association’s image fresh.

  8. Calls to action are vital on social media. Remind followers of upcoming association events such as conferences, webinars, and so forth. This will keep your event in the forefront with constant friendly reminders. Always promote your events!

  9. Encourage feedback about your association from the members. This can be done through polls or open-ended questions. Ask them if they’ve read the latest newsletter, blog post, industry-related post, and so forth.

  10. A little inspiration can really brighten a day so be sure to post motivational quotes or sayings that are uplifting.

Be sure to schedule time daily to check in on your social media platforms. Answer questions, provide feedback, and respond to concerns.

Michael Faye