5 Ways to Improve Your Member's Experience

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What does your association have to offer members? Before you list off all of the specifics about the benefits of your membership, stop and truly think about this question. Does that exhaustive list contain the same items for as long as you remember? If that answer is yes, you may then realize your members are quieter than you’d like. They feel stagnant. Their memberships are up-to-date but they are not reaping the benefits of what your organization has to offer.

The goal of your membership program is to gain members, retain the members you have, and keep all members engaged and educated about what your association has to offer. Whether you want to revitalize existing members or gain the attention of new members, here are some things you can do to keep it fresh.

Create an Orientation

Create a welcome e-mail or video. Help new members understand the benefits of joining. Offer the brand-new orientation to existing members as a refresher on all of the things they can take advantage of. In your orientation, include everything they can expect as members, as well as where they can find vital information about the industry or upcoming events.

Offer Webinars

Create a mix of cost and free webinars for members. Topics could range from the latest and greatest in the industry to a member providing insight into his or her expertise. Are there any glaring problems in the industry that can be addressed? New members will appreciate the fresh information and current members will enjoy the lively discussion. Webinars engage conversation and open avenues of discussion. You can record the webinar and post it to your association’s website and social media.

Use a Mobile App  

What gets the attention of your members? Their phones! Smartphones are in hands and pockets all day long and many people use them just to get through the day. Calendars, reminders, messages, emails…the list goes on! Use or create a mobile app for your association so members can receive push notifications when new items are posted on your website or social media platforms.

Host Multiple Events  

Most associations have a yearly conference for their professional members to come together, attend informational sessions, gain more association information, and more. Why not have more events throughout the year, focusing on the members themselves? Members may not take it upon themselves to reach out to other members but when an opportunity is created for career networking and advancement, they’ll jump at the chance to expand their professional networks.

Show Appreciation  

Don’t forget to thank your members! Create an email template for member anniversaries, thanking them for their membership and the value they bring to the association. Showing appreciation through an interpersonal communication not only makes the member feel of value to your organization, it is a subtle reminder that the association is still there. Consider social media posts highlighting all of the member anniversaries for that week.

Michael Faye